Are you a Mentoring Program Leader…

• Thinking about launching or re-launching a Mentoring Program??

• Needing expert advice as you look at how to expand and improve a pilot?

• Ready to make your program effective, scalable, sustainable, and stunning?


Why do so many organizations struggle with the impact of their programs?

• Lack of strategy

• Lack of structure

• Lack of scalability

• Lack of sustainability

• Lack of simplicity

• Lack of significance


Every Mentoring Program Leader can have a great Mentoring Program

• Your program can make a difference for your organization and for your participants

• You can measure the success of the program and the success of mentoring

• You can use mentoring strategically, not just as an employee benefit


Why Mentoring?

Mentoring is the most cost-effective, time-efficient, sustainable and powerful tool you have to attract, retain, and develop talent, while fostering inclusion and engagement.

• 77% of companies report that mentoring is effective in increasing retention and improving performance

• Mentoring results in a 94% increase in personal and professional effectiveness

• 83% of professionals would like to be involved in a mentoring program, yet only 29% are in workplaces that currently offer such programs

• Mentoring of middle managers increased the internal promotion of talent from 35% to 73%

• Retention of employees increased from 55 to 85% when a mentored manager took over a group

• Individuals who had a mentoring relationship were 67% less likely to leave their job

• Turnover for new hires was reduced from 50% to 20% with mentoring

• Managerial productivity increases 24% with training, and increases 88% with mentoring and training

• 96% of executives say mentoring is an important development tool


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What stops leaders from using mentoring strategically?



















2016 Mentoring Success BootCamp

Join us for BootCamp and fast track your success today for tomorrow’s impact.


The Mentoring Success BootCamp is a strategic 4-session virtual workshop hosted live by Ann Tardy – The Mentoring Expert. Exclusively for Mentoring Program Leaders and their teams to architect a mentoring plan based upon the LifeMoxie 7-step Strategic Mentoring Framework.


Raving Fans of the BootCamp





























































Four 90-minute webinars based on the

LifeMoxie 7-Step Strategic Mentoring Framework

• Session 1: Strategy & Measurement

• Session 2: Participants / Incentives / Accountability

• Session 3: Structure & Training

• Session 4: Launching / Relevancy / Review Plans / Set up Pilot


Here’s what to expect in the BootCamp

• A unique opportunity to architect your own Mentoring Plan to launch or re-launch a Pilot

• Unlimited members of your team to keep you moving

• Access to a team of mentoring experts ready and willing to support your success

• Ability to connect and learn from other Mentoring Program Leaders

• Accountability partners to benchmark best practices

• Access to a members-only Resource Center chocked with Quick Guides, tools, workbooks, and materials for mentoring leaders

• An online workspace for program leaders

• All webinars recorded and uploaded to the BootCamp Resource Center

• One hard copy of the book Why Mentoring Matters: How Smart Leaders Mobilize Relentless Leadership

• A final coaching session and Framework Review with Mentoring Expert, Ann Tardy


Who should participate?

Self-identified, high-performing mentoring enthusiasts who are ready to launch (or re-launch) a strategic mentoring initiative.

Participants come from:

• Human Resources / Learning & Development / Organizational Development

• Diversity & Inclusion

• Mentoring Program Leaders, Administrators, and Champions

• Corporations large and small

• Education

• Government

• Departments ranging from Finance to Engineering to Sales

• Employee Associations / Business Resource Groups


Commitments of participating in the BootCamp:

• Complete pre-work assignments (approx. 30 minutes)

• Engage in four 90-minute webinars

• Connect with an Accountability Partner in between sessions

• Access the resources in the Resource Center

• Exchange ideas with other participants

• Draft a Mentoring Plan for review

• Submit a Success Report at the mid-point

• Participate in a Final Framework Review and Coaching Session

• Provide feedback to the Program team


2016 Dates and Times

April 7, 14, 21, 28

Thursdays @ 9-10:30 am PST / 12:00-1:30 pm EST

(Each BootCamp is limited to 10 teams.)


All sessions are recorded and available should you or anyone from your team miss a call.


How you can participate

• Email

• Call 1.888.676.6943

Click here to complete your application

• Save the dates


Is Mentoring Success BootCamp for you?

• Are you ready for your mentoring program to be more effective?

• Are you ready for your participants to be more effective?

• Are you ready to have a bigger impact with mentoring?


Fee for Mentoring Success BootCamp

• $1,997 / (up to 5 members per team can participate for one fee)

• $1,497 for Mentoring Council members


Is there a guarantee?



Yes, I want to register!

• Email

• Call 1.888.676.6943


To join the Mentoring Council (and take advantage of the discount)

It’s easy to apply, just click here:


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